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ISIDORA BOGDANOVIĆ Named the Most Beautiful Woman in Europe Miss Europe 2020

The Miss Europe Directorate named Isidora Bogdanović Miss Europe 2020. An unrealistically beautiful lawyer made many people's dreams come true Isidora Bogdanović was born in Belgrade on December 21, 2001. This beauty graduated from law school, and she told Diva magazine that her big life goal is the Faculty of Political Sciences. Congratulations! In addition to popular psychology, which she adores and enjoys reading, Isidora is fluent in English, and she plans a course to improve her Spanish. She played volleyball for six years, and she can definitely thank the sport for the line and stature that many women dream of. She continued to maintain her fit figure at a serious pace in the gym. This beautiful young lady will adorn many world covers, as well as billboards.